SEO Techniques

Uncommon SEO techniques that can increase your profits

Are you looking out for some SEO help? But don’t know where to start from. Some companies outsource SEO due the complexity of SEO. Well, enhancing your website ranking on search engines is not an impossible task. Though SEO is a complicated task, it is not that difficult, you too can initiate your SEO campaign in-house.

If you are seeking help on how to do it, this article will help you learn about the checklist which will give you a clear idea to work on improving your rankings on search engines.

The checklist explained below help you focus on the SEO techniques that your competitor might not be aware of or must have ignored. Therefore, you get a better chance of making remarkable profits.

This sound interesting isn’t? Here is the checklist below that you can get started with

Uncommon SEO techniques elaborated as below

  1. Recruit Inner page- Linking It seems boring isn’t? This is the reason, that this not so common SEO tactic is not used by others. Believe me its effective. You already know that search engines hunt for relevant content only. Writing more content can help you generate internal links in large numbers. This will let Google index your website easily and in turn improve your ranking on search engines. Try writing more content and develop the structure of internal linking.

  2. Create resource centres On your website, include a section for educational content, articles, which contains audios, photos, videos and keyword based content. All these allow your website to get opportunities for adding tags that mostly attract search spider. In simple words, they are like a food for search spiders which attract them easily. This helps your website become link-worthy, so the website now becomes more searchable and visible. The search engines can also get informative and organized content quickly.

  3. Utilize SEO for blogs This may sound quite common. But do you know that the blogs are created to target the search engines. Many writers, who write SEO based content, ignore this search ability. When you refer some other blogs, even while going through the list, you attract the like of Yahoo and Google. Don’t forget that spiders look for keywords in tags, URLs and title. Revive the attraction of your content through SEO blogs.

  4. Socialize on Google + Accelerate content distribution with Google +. As per studies twitter bring in more traffic, whereas Google + obtained higher CTR. When you use Google+ to socialize you will SEO tremendous benefits.

  5. Google Authorship This is not so common and the unused method included in the best practices of SEO. Google + is in constant search of high quality content. With the Google + authorship, you can get credit for the articles and blogs you submit. It helps increase your credibility as well as protecting the content. When you add more content, you can improve your author rank constantly, thereby increasing the rankings of your website. This tool is quite powerful and you can check out the power of this tool yourself.

  6. Content marketing

Content writers put their content to work so that search engines can easily find them. Maximising the distribution of content through social media websites really works well when it comes to improving your marketing efforts. Also add SEO to this combination and you can obtain best practices in SEO. Your sales, leads and profits will shoot up. This holistic approach brings in good results that you can cherish.

You can follow these not so common SEO techniques which others might not be using. You can start with SEO for your blogs and if you are not a good writer, you can hire an experienced SEO writer to contribute to your blogs.

Quality content matters a lot and you need fresh content always. Google likes good content that is useful for the readers. Avoid using any unethical SEO techniques. Even these simple and uncommon techniques can give a boost to your business.

Distributing your content through social media websites in combination with SEO techniques can also help you a lot. SEO is all about learning and trying the right SEO techniques. Content is important and that the reason many SEO copywriters are in demand as they know the right use of keywords in the content, which directly affects the website rankings. The SEO writers know how to create content that is meant for human readers as Google also likes content which can be understood by human beings

It is better to have fresh content always and keep updating your content regularly. When you write content that obeys the rules of Google, you get good rankings in return. Make sure you do not stuff keywords in your content and use only relevant keywords that the users are searching for on the internet.